A Pink Discusses Rising Popularity & Love Of Food

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A Pink Discusses Rising Popularity & Love Of Food
With their latest single "Mr. Chu" performing well on music shows and the charts alike, the members of A Pink discussed their rise in popularity and the one thing that always brings them joy: good food.

"The feeling on stage is different now. The audience's reaction has changed now that they recognize us on stage even outside of cities. Their cheers give us strength. I feel like we've become more solid and out hearts are at peace. Our personalities aren't really lively, and we used to worry about that, but now when we prepare for things, we enjoy it more because we don't feel as much pressure," group member Namjoo said.

Eunji continued this thought, stating that they've continued to bring fans their unique image. Because the group is still so young, the public has looked upon them fondly.

While the group works hard to present themselves to the public, they take time to enjoy themselves as well. One of their favorite hobbies is eating delicious food. While others try to diet to stay thin, A Pink's members prefer to eat freely and stay thin through exercise instead.

"In the past, we didn't know how to diet and would even skip meals. Nowadays, we are the type to exercise a lot rather than diet. We of course exercise through all of our practices, and some of our members do Pilates and yoga in their spare time," Hayoung explained.

Eunji acknowledged that the group has tried to become thinner is to stay competitive against other groups whose members are super skinny.

"We really eat a lot. In the past, we were chubbier and still had some baby fat, but we lost that as we grew up...People looked at our chubby image cutely in the past since we were young, but girl group are so thin now that if you have a healthy figure, you end up looking chubby in comparison, so we had no choice but to lose weight," she said.

Group leader Chorong discussed the group's dynamic, explaining that while they may not always be happy with each other, they're able to talk things out and form stronger bonds because of it.

"Our chemistry gets better and better. My members are like family," she said.
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