Tomomi Itano Announces First Studio Album

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Tomomi Itano Announces First Studio Album
Former AKB48 member Tomomi Itano announced that she will be releasing her first studio album on July 2, which will be accompanied by a nationwide tour.

On April 5, Itano held a long-delayed event at the Tokyo Dome City LaQua Garden Stage to commemorate the release of her first single "little". It was during the event that the singer revealed her intention to release an album.

Itano plans on including 15 songs on her debut album. The type of music being recorded is still in development.

"I'm trying out various things, so please look forward to it!," she told the crowd of 2,000.

In addition to talking about the album, Itano discussed her first single "little", explaining some of the meaning behind it.

"I wrote [little] as a support song for myself after graduating from AKB48. The lyrics show two sides of myself: the side I show to the world, and the side I keep inside and don't show anyone," she said.
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