exist†trace Announces the Release of a New Single "spiral daisakusen"

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exist†trace Announces the Release of a New Single
All female Japanese rock band exist†trace has announced the release of a brand new single titled "spiral daisakusen" to be released on 2014.05.14 for 1,300yen. According to the band's official website this new single will offer the listener an '80s disco dance vibe with track one "spiral daisakusen," and track two, the coupling song, where the music is emotional and speedy with the first sound of "antique doll" live, then finishing up track three "yume ni kiss wo" described as a song that gives you a floating feeling like melting into the universe . All in all..... 'Dance Rock'!

Furthermore the girls have changed their looks to a very sophisticated and mature style. Keeping with their visual shock/rock fashion all the girls have deviated from their normal hairstyles and and have each chosen a coiffure which gives a new persona to the band as a whole, visually speaking.

exist†trace will be playing the live houses on a one-man tour until Winter of this year! Their complete schedule is on their official homepage.

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