GLAY to Release New Album, Single and DVD This Summer

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GLAY to Release New Album, Single and DVD This Summer
A new album including demo songs and PV recorded during the band’s indie era, their 50th single and a “20th Anniversary Live Box” – these are the things GLAY-fans can look forward to this summer to celebrate the band's 20th anniversary.

Especially the new album titled “hai to diamond Anthology” seems to be really interesting. It will drop on May 25th and comes with two CDs, one DVD and a booklet. The first CD will include remix and remastered songs as well as a bonus track while the second CD will contain demo and radio songs. The DVD will feature PVs recorded during their indie era as well as live scenes and an interview.

If you can’t get enough of watching GLAY’s live performances there’s another release you might be interested in: On June 18th GLAY will release their “GLAY 20th Anniversary LIVE BOX VOL.1 DVD & Blu-ray”. It will contain “GLAY EXPO 2001 “GLOBAL COMMUNICATION””, “GLAY VERB TOUR FINAL “COME TOGETHER 2008-2009” and “GLAY MOVILE Presents 5th anniversary special GLAY CHRISTMAS SHOW 2013 winter ~ACCOUSTIC MILLION DOLLAR NIGHT~”.

But that’s not all: The band’s 50th single will drop this July! They haven’t revealed the release date yet but the title: “BLEEZE”. And one more information: TERU has composed and written the lead track for this single.
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