BUCK-TICK Announces New Album for June

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BUCK-TICK Announces New Album for June
BUCK-TICK-fans, save your money for the upcoming months! After the announcement of a new single the band revealed that they will release a brand new album as well.

BUCK-TICK’s new single “Keijijou Ryuusei” will hit the stores on May 14th and not even a whole month later the release for a new album titled “arui ha anarchy” is planned. It will drop on June 4th and will come in four different types:
Limited Edition Type A costs 8500 Yen and comes with a Blu-spec CD as well as a Blu-ray and DVD. The CD includes 14 different songs and the Blu-ray and DVD will include the PV for “Keijijou Ryuusei”. Furthermore, it includes a special photo booklet and original goods. The Limited Edition Type B and C include the same content but Type B (3700 Yen) comes with the Blu-ray while Type C (3300 Yen) includes the DVD. And then there’s also the Regular Edition which is CD-only including the same songs as the Limited Editions and costs 3000 Yen.

Furthermore, the announcement about the band’s single on their official facebook page has reached 200 shares and – just as promised – BUCK-TICK uploaded a preview for the single. Check it out below:
[ytid=IBW5qvtTMqU][yttitle][試聴] BUCK-TICK「形而上 流星」5/14発売[/yttitle][ytcontent]BUCK-TICKニューシングル「形而上 流星」5/14発売http://www.tkma.co.jp/jpop_news_detail/buck_tick.html?nid=4433BUCK-TICK 2014特設Facebook https://www.fac...[/ytcontent]
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