BUCK-TICK Announces New Single "Keijijou Ryuusei"

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BUCK-TICK Announces New Single
Japanese band BUCK-TICK has announced the release of a brand new single titled "Keijijou Ryuusei".

The single will hit the stores on May 14th and will be released in three different types: Limited Type A comes with a Blu-ray disc, Limited Type B comes with a DVD and the Regular Edition will be CD-only. The band has already revealed the track list that includes three tracks:

01. Keijijou Ryuusei
02. melancholia –ELECTRICA-
03. VICTIMS OF LOVE with Kokusyoku Sumire

All of the songs were composed by Hisashi Imai and the lyrics were written by Atsushi Sakurai.

In case you wonder what’s on the Blu-ray and DVD: We can give you an answer on this question! The discs will include the followings songs played at the band’s live held on December 23rd, 2013:
Hamushi no you ni
Taiyou ni korosareta

And did you already check out BUCK-TICK’s new facebook page? It's worth the visit because if the post gets 200 shares the band will upload a preview for the new single!
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