Erika Sawajiri To Star In Latest Fuji TV Drama "First Class"

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Erika Sawajiri To Star In Latest Fuji TV Drama
Erika Sawajiri returns after almost 8 years of absence in the small screen with a starring role in the latest Fuji TV spring drama "First Class". Her last lead drama was "Taiyou no Uta", which aired in 2006.

The 27-year-old actress will be playing as 'Chinami Yoshinari', who works in the editorial department of a fashion magazine starting as a runner for errands and being told to do chores. She then struggles to reach her dream top position.

The drama shows how competition arise between women in the professional world and how they classify each other in today's society. Chinami's character represents a hardworking person who never gives up even if constant troubles go her way.

Co-starring and portraying as Sawajiri's competition are actresses Sasaki Nozomi as the model, Nanao as the editor, Rieko Miura as the assistant editor, and Yuka Itaya as the magazine's editor-in-chief. Playing as a photographer and Chinami's boyfriend is KAT-TUN member Yuichi Nakamaru.

"First Class" will be airing every Saturday starting on April 19th at 11:10PM (JST).
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