New Cover Album "V-ANIME collaboration -femme-" to be Released

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New Cover Album
A new anime-song cover album titled "V-ANIME collaboration -femme-" is scheduled to be released on May 14th.

And doesn't the title sound familiar to you? If it does you've probably already read about "V-ANIME collaboration -homme-" that will drop later this months. Each of those CDs cost 3085 Yen. The song order is not finalized but at least they've revealed most of the tracks included on the CD of the "-femme-"-version:

01.Kaya × Ryohei (Megamasso)
「Moonlight Densetsu」 (Bijoujo Senshi Sailor Moon)
02.Sakurai Ao (cali≠gari) × Naoki (THE BEETHOVEN)
「NIGHT OF SUMMER SIDE」 (kimagure orange ☆ road)
03.Subaru (Royz) × Kazami (DaizyStripper)
「JOINT」(Shakugan no Shana)
04.Takayoshi Tanimoto × Naoki (THE BEETHOVEN)
「platin」 (Card Captor Sakura)
05.Danchou (NoGoD)× MiA (MEJIBRAY)
「bara ha utsukushiku chiru」 (Versailles no bara / The Rose of Versailles)
06.HAKUEI (PENICILLIN)× Kazami (DaizyStripper)
「zankoku na tenshi no theme / A Cruel Angel's Thesis」 (Neon Genesis EVANGELION)
07.Yugiri (DaizyStripper) × MiA (MEJIBRAY)
「yuzurenai negai」 (Magic Knight Rayearth)
08.Yusa (THE KIDDIE) × Kazami (DaizyStripper)
「Blue Water」 (fushigi no umi no Nadia / Nadia, The Secret of Blue Water)
09.yo-ka (DIAURA)× Ryohei (Megamasso)
「Orange」 (toradora!)
10.Chihiro Yonekura× Sakito (NIGHTMARE)
「fairy tail ~yakusoku no hi~」(FAIRY TAIL)
11.RYO:SUKE (WING WORKS) × Ryohei (Megamasso)
title not revealed

Are you interested in this release? If so you should definitely check out the preview for "V-ANIME collaboration -homme-":

[ytid=8G866Enmn9o][yttitle][DIGEST] 3/26発売「V-ANIME collaboration -homme-」[/yttitle][ytcontent]3/26発売「V-ANIME collaboration --homme-」http://amzn.to/1dxDxNF《CD収録内容》【アーティスト(五十音順)・収録曲】 ※曲順未定01. 遠藤...[/ytcontent]
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