Two Members of Girugamesh Revealed that They're Brothers

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Two Members of Girugamesh Revealed that They're Brothers
Girugamesh's guitarist Nii and drummer Ryo are brothers! That's the exciting fact they've revealed today on their new twitter account.

The band has an official twitter account for a long time already but a new official account gained attention among fans. Today Nii and Ryo opened their "combined" account and already the name raised questions: brother_grgm.
Their first tweet said: “We’ve started a twitter account as brothers! Please treat us well! Big brother & Ryo.” Shortly after that they explained: “We’re really brothers related by blood. We've kept it a secret for the past 10 years.” Also bassist Shuu commented on this saying that after their 10th anniversary this would be a good time to finally reveal it. And that maybe now you’re looking at old interviews and other things in a different way.

There has been a small rumor about this for a few years but since the members never commented on it it wasn't taken too seriously and stayed rather unnoticed. Now Nii and Ryo confirmed it by themselves. Did you expect something like this? And do you think they look alike?
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