kizuna (ex-Suzaku) Forms New Band

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kizuna (ex-Suzaku) Forms New Band
Last year, after the closure of Visual Kei label UNDER CODE PRODUCTION, Suzaku announced to go on hiatus. But today we have great news for fans of kizuna who played the bass for Suzaku: He has announced that his new band will form in March.

On January 31st kizuna's session band "absolute terror.F" held its live at Ash OSAKA and during that live he has announced that his new band "isora" will form next month. The members of this new band are the same like those of "absolute terror.F":

Vocal: -syuuya- (ex-scarlet)
Guitar: -ciel- (ex-Ruka Project, Metztli)
Guitar: -yuuho- (ex-α)
Bass: -kizuna- (ex-Vel Sechs, Refiena, Gram∞Maria, IRODORI, Envus, jubily, suzaku)

isora's first live will be held at Ash OSAKA on March 29th and it's already known that the band will be signed under a new label called "king zeebra". The label was established by Suzaku's vocalist itsuki.
At their live on January 31st "absolute terror.F" has played two songs by the GazettE, "Filth in the beauty" and "VORTEX", and two new songs titled "toriko" and "alkanoid". Maybe they will be released one day as songs of their new band!

What do you think about this new band and the members?
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