DAZZLE VISION Featured on SADS New Tribute Album "M" Including Several Jrock Artists

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DAZZLE VISION Featured on SADS New Tribute Album
J-Rock screamo band DAZZLE VISION will be featured on the SADS tribute album to be released this March in Japan. DAZZLE" >http://www.facebook.com/dazzlevision2010]DAZZLE VISION will contribute their cover of the song "Hate," originally released on the album "The Rose God Gave Me" in 2001.

SADS RESPECT ALBUM "M" is set to release on 2014.03.26 for ¥3,150 with quite an impressive line-up, check it out:

Track list:

LIPHLICH ★ Masquerade
DIAURA ★ Nightmare
DISH ★ Third Eyes Trial
Lycaon ★ ~Rose~
Omega Dripp ★ Acme
Leda and ryo ★ Gentle Darkness
AWOI ★ Evil
HEXVOID ★ Because

DAZZLE VISION will also perform at a 2-day release event concert "Carnival of Evil" with fellow contributors MEJIBRAY, DIAURA, LIPHLICH, Lycaon, and HEXVOID on March 28th and 29th at The Garden Hall in Meguro, Tokyo.

Don't forget DAZZLE VISION's new album release "FINAL ATTACK" which JpopAsia reported just a couple of weeks ago!

Check out the trailer!

[ytid=0LFIy14E_u4][yttitle]DAZZLE VISION「FINAL ATTACK」12 pieces of trailers[/yttitle][ytcontent]DAZZLE VISION『FINAL ATTACK』Announcement.2年9か月ぶりのフルアルバムはElectro Screamo POP!http://www.amazon.co.jp/FINAL-ATTACK-Dazzle-Vision/dp/B00HVLG6B...[/ytcontent]
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