Kazuya Kamenashi Heads To Singapore For "Joker Game" Filming

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Kazuya Kamenashi Heads To Singapore For
KAT-TUN's Kazuya Kamenashi goes to Singapore to film for his movie "Joker Game", which also stars Kyoko Fukada and Yusuke Iseya.

Kazuya will be playing as 'Kato', who faced a punishment and suddenly found himself as a trainee in "D-Kikan", a spy training school created by 'Lieutenant Yuki' (Iseya). Kato later starts to take on his first spy mission. He needs to possess the confidential "Black Note" and in order to gain such document, Kato is pushed to go to an international territory where he will be battling against 'Rin' (Fukada), spy agencies and the Japanese army.

Directed by Yu Irie, the film based on Koji Yanagi's award-winning novel of the same title will open in theaters in 2015.
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