AvelCain to Release New Single and Album

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AvelCain to Release New Single and Album
Visual Kei band AvelCain announced back in December that they will release a new single and a new album in early 2014.

The new single is titled "PSYCHO" and will drop in three weeks, on February 19th. It is limited to 999 copies, costs 1000 Yen and includes two songs: "PSYCHO" and "soushitsu".

And the new album "AvelCain" will be released on April 2nd and comes in two types: The amount of copies of the Limited Edition is 500 and it will cost 2500 Yen. The CD includes 11 and a bonus track which is titled "otogiichiya" and is a "Puppet Mammy cover". If you wonder who Puppet Mammy is: Some of you might remember ex-Lycaon's eve who is now AvelCain's producer. Puppet Mammy is the drummers ex-band. Moreover this version comes with a booklet and lyrics cards. The Regular Edition is limited as well - to 1000 copies. It costs 3000 Yen, includes 11 songs and lyrics cards. These are the 11 songs included in both versions:

05.ayatsuri ningyou
07.hebi to ubume

[ytid=hOzdR_s3oNw][yttitle]AvelCain 『 PSYCHO -サイコ-』MOVIE[/yttitle][ytcontent]2014年2月19日先行Single発売『 PSYCHO -サイコ- 』(1枚組)CD 2Tracks / 999枚限定 / 【価格】¥1,000(税込) 【品番】KGM-003 【販売元/発売元】...[/ytcontent]

If you are in Tokyo on April 4th and a fan of this band (or even if you're not or want to get to know them) make sure to not miss this date because that day AvelCain will hold a free one man live at Takadanobaba AREA. It will be a live to commemorate the new album and to celebrate vocalist Karma's birthday.
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