Yuuto (ex-Called≠Plan) Forms New Band "UnRealistic"

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Yuuto (ex-Called≠Plan) Forms New Band
Today we have great news for you! Yuuto, vocalist of disbanded band Called≠Plan, announced that his new band will form in January. And you might know some other band members as well!

On January 8th Yuuto's session band "U-Toku" performed at Shinsaibashi Soma and at that live the vocalist revealed that they'll make an announcement on January 27th. It turned out that this announcement is the formation of his new band "UnRealistic". Now there is more information on the band's very first live and the date when they will officially start activities: It will be at Osaka Ruido on April 9th. There's no official website yet but more details will be revealed on February 27th.

But let's take a look at the line-up! The members are the same members of his session band "U-Toku":
Vocal: Yuuto (ex-Called≠Plan) (blog) (twitter)
Guitar: A.KI (blog) (twitter)
Bass: Nagisa (ex-DragonWAPPPPPPER) (blog) (twitter)
Drums: Kou (ex-CRACK ADDICT, Velours, VERTEX (support), currently support for dr.tarantula) (blog) (twitter)

Please notice that the links lead to their current blogs and twitter accounts. They might change them as soon as they've officially started acitivites.
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