Perfume To Hold Second "Perfume Fes"

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Perfume To Hold Second
Perfume will be holding their second "Perfume Fes" starting on March 15th. The techno-pop trio started this concert last year and due to its success, another one will be done this year. Some of the artists that will be performing with the group are 9nine, Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, RIP SLYME, 9mm Parabellum Bullet, RHYMESTER, Motohiro Hata, Yu Takahashi, and MAXIMUM THE HORMONE.

It will be the first time that fellow member Ayaka Nishiwaki (A-chan) will be performing with her sister Sayaka Nishiwaki, who happens to be a member of the idol group, 9nine.

Moreover, there will be a total of 6 locations (Tokyo, Hiroshima, Shizuoka, Ishikawa, Kagawa, and Kagoshima) and 8 performances in Japan alone and it will end in South Korea.

Check out the list of detailed schedules below

Perfume FES!! 2014
March 15 (Sat) : Tokyo, NHK Hall -- Perfume / Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra

March 16 (Sun) : Tokyo, NHK Hall -- Perfume / RIP SLYME

March 20 (Thu) & 21 (Fri): Hiroshima, Ueno Gakuen Hall -- Perfume / 9nine

April 4 (Fri) : Shizuoka, Shizuoka City Culture Hall -- Perfume / 9mm Parabellum Bullet

April 7 (Mon) : Ishikawa, Honda no Mori Hall -- Perfume / RHYMESTER

April 9 (Wed) : Kagawa, Alpha Anabuki Hall -- Perfume / Hata Motohiro

April 11 (Fri) : Kagoshima, Kagoshima Citizen's Cultural Hall -- Perfume / Takahashi Yu

April 20 (Sun) : South Korea, UNIQLO-AX -- Perfume / MAXIMUM THE HORMONE
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