Ryo Nishikido & Keiko Kitagawa Appear At Wedding Event For "Dakishimetai - Shinjitsu no Monogatari"

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Ryo Nishikido & Keiko Kitagawa Appear At Wedding Event For
Kanjani8's Ryo Nishikido and Japanese actress Keiko Kitagawa appeared at the wedding event for their starring film "Dakishimetai - Shinjitsu no Monogatari". Kitagawa looks lovely in a wedding gown, which is the same gown she wore in the movie.

The event was also attended by real-life couples who got to ask the on-screen partner different questions about relationships and marriage. Even if both actors are not married yet, they have answered these questions openly saying their own point of view regarding the topic.

Nishikido shares that if he ever gets married, it would be nice if he becomes the boss. While Kitagawa said that she would most likely entrust things to her future partner but still express her complains.

Directed by Shiota Akihiko, Dakishimetai - Shijitsu no Monogatari will open in Japanese cinemas on February 1st.
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