Kagerou Release Out-of-Print Album "kurohata" on iTUNES in Europe and Official PV

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Kagerou Release Out-of-Print Album
Exciting news for Kagerou fans today! GanShinRecordsTV has released the official video for " Kusatta umi de oborekaketeiru boku wo sukuttekureta kimi" taken from the album "kurohata" and now the album is available across Europe on CD Download Stream through iTunes here.

Track List:

1. Lily
2. Baita no Yuuutsu
3. Tonari machi no kanojo
4. Shitsuren toiu na no mujou
5. Rakka shita yume
6. Aka no kyoshoku
7. Shizumu sora
8. Kogarashi
9. Hakanaki Gekijou
10. Seisai to hangyaku
11. Zettyou spice
12. Setsudan shittyoushou
13. Kusatta umi de oborekaketeiru boku wo sukuttekureta kimi

Why is this such exciting news you may ask? This album sold out during the pre-sale in 2005 and a regular edition with 4 songs was re-released in 2006 and sold out immediately. This album is totally out-of-print. The band disbanded in 2007 but never really left the visual kei scene in Japan as all members joined other projects and are all going strong except for the vocalist Daisuke , his ventures were cut short as he was found dead in his Shibuya apartment on June 15th, 2010. His death was later discovered to have been caused by a heart attack. He was only 31 years old.

This is a special release full of emotion for the fans who loved this band. To hear Diasuke's voice again brings up happy memories of the band known as Kagerou.


[ytid=ZbrD1qLz0h8][yttitle]Kagerou - Kusatta Umi De Oborekaketeiru Boku Wo Sukuttekureta Kimi (Official Video)[/yttitle][ytcontent]Kagerou - Kusatta umi de oborekaketeiru boku wo sukuttekureta kimi (Official Video), taken from the album kurohata, available across Europe (CD/Download(Stream)► iTunes...[/ytcontent]
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