Police Suggest Leeteuk's Father & Grandparents Involved In Murder-Suicide

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Police Suggest Leeteuk's Father & Grandparents Involved In Murder-Suicide
New details released by the police regarding Leeteuk's father and grandparents' deaths suggests that the family was involved in a murder-suicide.

On January 7, a representative for the police department investigating the deaths of Leeteuk's father and grandparents disclosed new details uncovered during the department's investigation. The grandparents were found dead in their bed, while the father was found hanged.

A suicide note was left at the crime scene by the father. Due to the contents of the note, police believe that the father killed the grandparents before taking his own life.

Interviews with various family members revealed that the grandparents suffered from advanced Alzheimer's disease. The grandparents were left in the father's care. He took care of the two by himself.

The father is believed to have suffered from clinical depression. An investigation into his medical records is being conducted by the police to confirm this.

A motive behind the father's apparent murder-suicide has not been released by the police.

A funeral for the deceased is scheduled to occur on January 8. Many celebrities have already visited the mortuary where the bodies are being held until the funeral, while support from the public has been pouring in since initial reports of Leeteuk's loss began coming in.
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