Long-Lost Utada Hikaru Track "Here and There and Back Again" Surfaces Online

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Long-Lost Utada Hikaru Track
The extremely rare track "Here and There and Back Again" from Utada Hikaru's earliest days as an artist has been uploaded online for the first time in nearly 20 years.

Before debuting in Japan in 1998, Utada Hikaru released English-language music under the name Cubic U, an ode to her parents and her being the 3rd Utada power. Her first album, titled "Precious", was released on January 28, 1998.

While nearly all versions of the album and its subsequent re-release do not include the track "Here and There and Back Again", special US promotional copies contain the song as its 5th track. Due to its rarity, the song has been considered lost; however, a YouTube user uploaded the full track online.

Before the full track had surfaced, only small glimpses of the track could be found. All of the available clips had very low audio quality and appear to be short recordings using a device next to a speaker.

Utada Hikaru is currently on hiatus as an artist; however, this past year has seen much musical activity from the singer. Utada released the single "Sakura Nigishi" on December 26, 2012, coinciding with its use as the theme song to the 3rd "Neon Genesis Evangelion Rebuild" movie. More recently, it was revealed that the singer's first Japanese album, "First Love", will be re-released on March 10, 2014, with limited edition versions coming with previously unreleased music.

Check out Utada Hikaru's smooth R'n'B track "Here and There and Back Again" below:

[ytid=aYNiKf500-I][yttitle]Cubic U / Here And There And Back Again[/yttitle][ytcontent]Cubic U / Here And There And Back AgainFrom Album: Precious (US Promo Copy)[/ytcontent]
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