Police Believe Leeteuk's Father & Grandparents Committed Suicide

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Police Believe Leeteuk's Father & Grandparents Committed Suicide
Initial reports that Leeteuk's father and grandparents died in a car accident seem to be untrue after police and fire rescue officials told a different story.

According to both departments, the deceased were found inside their home, not at the scene of a car accident. A car accident was never investigated.

"On January 6th, at 9:07 AM, we found 3 people deceased at their home. We are looking into the possibility of suicide," a police representative told reporters.

A similar statement was release by the fire department, adding that there was not a car accident.

While the circumstances surrounding the deaths are still uncertain, many continue to send their support to Leeteuk during these trying times. Various celebrities, including TVXQ's Changmin and BEAST's Yoon Doo Joon, have visited the mortuary the deceased are being held until the funeral.

As a result of Leeteuk's loss, various Super Junior members put a halt to their activities in order to be with him during his time of need. However, Ryeowook was unable to get away from his radio hosting responsibilities. His radio program took on a somber tone in respect of Leeteuk's loss.
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