JpopAsia's 2013 Year End Playlist: J-rock Edition

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JpopAsia's 2013 Year End Playlist: J-rock Edition
With 2013 coming to an end, JpopAsia's staff has taken a look back upon the year and share what they think were the year's best in J-rock music.


TheViperman: "District Zero" was the first full-lenth album with Aldious' new vocalist, Re:NO . While Rami's voice was deep and powerful, Re:NO's was gentle and melodic, giving the album, and the band as a whole, a softer touch. While some were disappointed with the new sound, many enjoyed the soothing, beautiful voice juxtaposed against the metal style of band's instrumentals.


Keia: Black Klaxon formed back in 2011, but it wasn't until this year that the band's popularity really began to soar. Black Klaxon is a band that can easily bring a smile on people’s faces. Their songs have upbeat melodies with heavy guitar riffs. Their single "ReMake" was released in the beginning of this year and the songs included in this single are perfect for when you want to get in a good mood!


TheViperman: "Apocalyze" is an example of good electronicore. A perfect mix of metalcore, synthesizer, deep screams and beautiful melody, Crossfaith's album is a true masterpiece in it's genre. The variety of effects is really wide and can give you a massive power surge while listening.


TheViperman: "LOVE TOXiCiTY" maintains FLiP's well-known style. Anyone who has listened to their songs won't have a problem getting into their new jams. Awesome, rocking melodies and Sachiko's unique voice keep you wanting more after each listen. The album was self-produced by the band's girls. You can tell they put all their hearts into their work.


Keia: With a combination of hard rock and melodic sounds, indie visual kei band Royz’s lead track "EGOIST" proved that the members don't just compose upbeat songs. The second song of this single is titled "PARADOX ~pierce to rouge~" and it is the third and last part of a series of songs composed by guitarist Kuina. If you like heavy sounds mixed with a bit Jazz you should give this song a listen! "Yuuzukiyo, Awai Yume" is a very nice ballad that expresses the calm and emotional side of the band. And last but not least, "@bnormality". It's intro is rather untypical for Royz, but it proves again that music-wise this band tries out a lot of different things. Even though "EGOIST" is a CD including only four songs all of these songs show a different side of Royz and this fact makes it hard to get bored by listening to this single.
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