SID Celebrates 10th Anniversary

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SID Celebrates 10th Anniversary
Japanese band SID is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year and held a live titled "Visual BANG!" at Nippon Budokan on December 27th. At that live they've announced that they will release a brand new album. It's titled "OUTSIDER" and will be released on March 12th. More details aren't available yet but we will let you know as soon as the band reveals more information on it.

And do you remember all these Visual Kei bands releasing a cover of SID's single "mousou nikki" this month? All of these bands played at that live on December 27th: DIV, Moran, Dog in the Parallel World Orchestra, R-Shitei, Kameleo, ZORO, AYABIE, Alice Juban x Steam Girls, v[neu] and DaizyStripper. Every band played 3 or 4 own songs and of course also the cover of "mousou nikki" they've released on December 11th. As last band SID performed 11 songs - but that wasn't the end! As special session band all vocalists came on stage and sang "mousou nikki" together! After that they've played "Dear Tokyo" and also the other members of the bands appeared on stage to play together with them.

Drummer Yuuya ended the live with the words: "The next one is our 15th anniversary. I want to hear you all saying: "Congratulations!"
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