Grieva Announces 2nd Album "shuuen"

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Grieva Announces 2nd Album
Visual Kei band Grieva announced the release of their second full album and already revealed details on it.

About one year after the release of Grieva's first album "oni to kage" their second album "shuuen" will drop. The release date is set for February 26th and it will cost 3150 Yen. For this price you will receive a CD including 16 tracks:

03.haifuru oka...
05.satsuriku no joukei
06.another pain
07.saigo no kotoba
08.juujika ni sasagu akai ×××
09.Lost tears
10.keppekishou no boku.
12.[shikyuu] (SE)
14.kuro no jubaku
15.ameagari no yuuutsu

Do you already know Grieva? It's a 5-member band that had their first live in July 2012. If you want to check out their music just visit their official website. You can listen to song samples of all songs included in their first album or visit Ains' youtube channel!
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