Lupin III Live Action Film To Open On August 30

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Lupin III Live Action Film To Open On August 30
The full cast of Lupin III live action film adaptation was revealed before with Shun Oguri as 'Lupin', Meisa Kuroki as 'Fujiko Mine', Tetsuji Tamayama as 'Daisuke Jigen', Gou Ayano as 'Goemon Ishikawa', and Tadanobu Asano as 'Detective Kōichi Zenigata'.

The script was written by Mataichirō Yamamoto and completing the details of the movie, the release date has finally been announced, Lupin III will hit theaters on August 30, 2014.

Its filming started last October 3rd and it was said that their last one was done in Chendai, China. Director Ryuhei Kitamura intends to really alter locations for the film so the characters will be a bit more modern and to give a twist to the original manga.
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