Dempagumi.inc Performs in the Third Week of J-Music Lab

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Dempagumi.inc Performs in the Third Week of J-Music Lab
Dempagumi.inc visited Jakarta for the third time to participate in the third week of J-Music Lab. The group performed their hit singles such as Future Diver, WWD, and Den Den Passion. Unlike their previous visits, this time Dempagumi.inc became one of the main artists of the event.

During the interview, Dempagumi.inc shared that they were really happy to perform in Indonesia since the crowds were really loud and the fans knew their fan chants well. When asked about what kind of superhero they wanted to be, each member gave different responses: Mirin as Levi from "Shingeki no Kyojin", Risa as a mahou shoujo like Sailor Moon or Madoka, Moga as a super hikikomori, Eitaso as a normal girl at day and a superhero at night, Pinky as Kamen Rider, and Nemu as Doraemon’s sister, Dorami.

Dempagumi.inc received fanmade t-shirts from their Indonesian fanbase, which they surprisingly wore during the stage. Not only that, the fanbase had also prepared a special surprise for Pinky, whose birthday was coming. All of them sang her Happy Birthday while holding hand banners made for Pinky’s birthday.

In other news, Dempagumi.inc drops their latest album, WORLD WIDE DEMPA, on December 8.
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