TRIGGAH Adds Two New Members to Line-Up and Announces New Single

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TRIGGAH Adds Two New Members to Line-Up and Announces New Single
Awesome news from Visual Kei band TRIGGAH: The members have announced to make their come back with two new members and a brand new single.

Let's talk about the new line-up first! Last year in June TRIGGAH lost three members, Guitarist AIKA, bassist TAKE and drummer Yusuke, and went on hiatus. But now they have found two new members: Guitarist erina played for bands named luciel, sally, SCHELLEN, CHELSEA, DIO and VII-Sense and drummer -tatsu- played for halsion and acted as support member for DOWNER. They have officially joined TRIGGAH on December 7th.

And then there's a new single that is scheduled to be released on March 5th. The title is "ENVY AND JEALOUSY" and costs 1575 Yen. The single will include two songs titled "ENVY AND JEALOUSY" and "MARIONETTE" and comes with a DVD that features the PV for the lead track. You can already check out the preview below:

[ytid=02bzKtiPwmE][yttitle]TRIGGAH NEW SINGLE『ENVY AND JEALOUSY』SPOT[/yttitle][ytcontent]TRIGGAH復活第一弾シングル2014.03.05 ON SALE!【アーティスト】TRIGGAH【タイトル】ENVY AND JEALOUSY【発売日】2014.03.05【品番】DQC-1232【�...[/ytcontent]
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