llll-Ligro- to Take a Break After Losing Guitarist Anki

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llll-Ligro- to Take a Break After Losing Guitarist Anki
Visual Kei band llll-Ligro- has bad news for their fans: Guitarist anki will depart after their live at Meguru Rock May Kan on December 19th and the band will go on hiatus.

According to the official statement there have always been differences between anki and the other members. And there were not only differences in music but also different opinions on the future of the band. They stated that he will leave the band because the members disagree substantively over their way of thinking. They've made many compromises and thougt about what's right and wrong for the band while continuing their band activities but now the members have agreed that they need to take the time to think about the band's future without rushing from one live to the next.

llll-ligro- is very sorry for the sudden announcement and hopes that you will continue supporting the members.
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