Sophia ex: Vocalist for Blood Stain Child Solo Project "Season of Ghosts" New Album Release

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Sophia ex: Vocalist for Blood Stain Child Solo Project
As JpopAsia" >http://www.jpopasia.com/news/sophia-announces-departure-from-blood-stain-child::11760.html]JpopAsia reported over a year ago, Sophia left her position as the vocalist of Japanese loud rock band, Blood Stain Child, to pursue a new path in her own vision of music and inspiration. Significantly Sophia has courageously accomplished exactly what she set out to do with a new solo project called "Season of Ghosts".

Sophia is currently finishing her debut album titled "The Human Paradox" and already has revealed an album trailer plus a cover for the famous Disney movie, originally featured in the 90's movie classic "Hocus Pocus" . Season of Ghosts version of “Sarah’ s theme, Come Little Children" feat. Zombie SAM offers a dark, enigmatic twist to an all time favorite Disney soundtrack. Released as a free download for Halloween, you can still obtain via Soundcloud or Reverbnation.

For the upcoming album, Sophia is between Italy and Greece for its creation and recordings will be completed in Turin, Italy. The new album has been created, composed and co-produced by Sophia, arranged and co-produced by Italian horror-rockers, ZOMBIE SAM and developed by NEROARGENTO. Mixed and mastered by Ettore Rigotti (Princess Ghibli, BLOOD STAIN CHILD, GYZE). In June 2013, Sophia participated in ZOMBIE SAM'S album "Self Conscious Insanity" in two songs and the video clip for "A Hallow Tale" and since the collaboration went smoothly, Sophia chose Sam as her co-producer.

Furthermore Sophia recently announced a special guest on the album, MiA, the guitarist of popular visual kei band MEJIBRAY contributing on two tracks. What you may not know is Sophia appeared as a guest on MEJIBRAY’s latest single “Shuuei”, contributing backing vocals to the track “Gesshoku” which was released 2013.10.02. This is also her third successful collaboration with the band. She has also collaborated with Japanese rock band DEATHBIE, AYABIE's dark alter-ego.

If you recall JpopAsia's article back in 2011, reporting the news of the release by Coroner Records of the now legendary heavy metal covers album of Ghibli songs titled "Princess Ghibli", for which Sophia was hand picked by Studio Ghibli to sing on a total of 10 songs. She also occasionally works on doujin CD's for the video game "Touhou Project" with Pizuya's Cell.

Noted as the one of the most recognized female vocalists in the industry Sophia for the first time has made the all important decision to expand to more international markets. Just last month she was invited to " Metal Female Voices Festival" in Wieze, Belgium which is a very prestigious European metal festival as a V.I.P. guest. No performance was given although fan interaction was encouraged. Sophia was among recognized artists, Tarja Turunen (ex Nightwish), Lacuna Coil, Liv Kristine, Floor Jansen (Nightwish) and many others.


[ytid=E92UnT8_1Iw][yttitle]Season of Ghosts - "The Human Paradox" Official Album Trailer[/yttitle][ytcontent]ex- BLOOD STAIN CHILD Vocalist Sophia' s solo project, 「Season of Ghosts」 HP: http://seasonofghosts.com/ ✦ 「Season of Ghosts」 combine extreme rock and metal so...[/ytcontent]

Very soon there will be surprise announcements from Sophia, regarding future projects and collaborations to look forward to. There are plenty of new and updated links available for you to follow Sophia. Please give them a look and comment below.

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