Girls' Generation's Jessica Bruised By Hong Kong Airport Security

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Girls' Generation's Jessica Bruised By Hong Kong Airport Security
A security guard's rough handling of Girls' Generation's Jessica at a Hong Kong airport has left the singer bruised and her fans worried about her well being.

Girls' Generation was heading to the departure area of the airport after performing in front of 22,000 fans on November 9th and 10th. Fans stormed the airport to see the idols and take their photos before they headed back to South Korea.

In the chaos of the scene, a security guard is said to have pushed Jessica into a handrail by various eyewitnesses. The idol fell to the floor and had to be supported by her manager in order to walk.

It has been suggested that the security guard responsible for the incident had mistaken Jessica for a fan who had gotten past the security line.

SM Entertainment released a statement today regarding Jessica's condition. The singer was sent to the hospital for a medical examination. No serious injuries were sustained, but bruising had occurred.

Jessica is currently resting at home because of the incident.
Source: jpopasia.com
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