Luna Sea to Release New Album After More Than 13 Years

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Luna Sea to Release New Album After More Than 13 Years
Even though Luna Sea did release a few CDs in the past years this new album will be their first album after 13 years and 5 months.
The title is finalized as "A WILL" and it's scheduled to drop already next month, on December 11th. All in all there will be 11 songs on this album including their already released singles "The End of the Deam", "Rouge", "Thoughts" and "RUN".

Track list
01. Anthem of Light
02. Rouge
03. The End of the Dream
05. Glowing
06. RUN
07. absorb
08. Metamorphosis
09. gin no tsuki
10. Thoughts
11. Grace

Limited Edition Type A (SHM-CD + Blu-ray) costs 5980 Yen and includes the following contents: Double digitray, Exclusive photos (52 pages) and exclusive lyrics. Limited Edition Type B costs 3980 Yen and comes with a DVD that features the same content like the Blu-ray disc: the PVs and TV spots for the singles we've already mentioned above. The Regular Edition costs 3059 Yen and is CD-only.
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