Sheena Ringo Revealed Short PV For “Netsuai Hakkaku Chyuu”

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Sheena Ringo Revealed Short PV For “Netsuai Hakkaku Chyuu”
Prior to an upcoming Best Solo Album “Ukina” (Nov. 13), Sheena Ringo has revealed a preview of her action PV “Netsuai Hakkaku Chyuu”. To revenge for killing her friend by the arrogant paparazzi, Ringo is attacking media enemies. The memories about her dear friend help her to defeat all foes. Emerged characters “Hakkaku Nettyuu” (the detection of “mania”) reminded broadcasting anime series of “Hunter x Hunter”, where the main character releases his aura. Meanwhile, her movements of the hands detect the motion of the killer.

The song is recorded by collaboration of Ringo and a songwriter and a music producer Nakata Yasutaka from the electronic band CAPSULE. Nakata Yasutaka took part in the arrangement of the track. “Netsuai Hakkaku Chyuu” features the mix of melody from music box, the elements of dub-step and 8-bit.
[ytid=o16rgGTZq9s][yttitle]椎名林檎 - 熱愛発覚中[/yttitle][ytcontent][/ytcontent]

Sheena Ringo - Ukina
01 Yasashii Tetsugaku / Tomita Lab
03 Rockin’ Luuula / MO’SOME TONEBENDER
04 IT WAS YOU / Composed by Burt Bacharach
05 Rock & Hammer / Taniguchi Takashi
06 You make me feel so bad / ZAZEN BOYS
07 Netsuai Hakkaku Chyuu / Sheena Ringo & Nakata Yasutaka(CAPSULE)
08 MY FOOLISH HEART ~crazy on earth~×Shiina Ringo / SOIL & “PIMP” SESSIONS
09 Amai Yamai feat. Ringo Shiina/ Maboroshi
10 Kiken Sugiru / Asai Kenichi
11 becoming / Taniguchi Takashi
12 Kira Kira Bushi feat. Deyonna / Rekishi
13 Koroshiya Kiki Ippatsu / SOIL & “PIMP” SESSIONS & Sheena Ringo
15 Between Today and Tomorrow/ Ringo Sheena & Saito Neko Quartet
16 MY FOOLISH HEART ~crazy on shibuya~×Sheena Ringo / SOIL & “PIMP” SESSIONS
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