[Exclusive] JpopAsia Interview RYO:SUKE WING WORKS

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[Exclusive] JpopAsia Interview RYO:SUKE WING WORKS
JpopAsia sat down with RYO:SUKE of WING WORKS at Shibuya O-West in Tokyo, Japan at "BRAND NEW WAVE ~HALLOWEEN PARTY 2013~". RYO:SUKE may be more familiar to you as the former bassist for visual kei band Lolita 23q. Now with his solo career and a group of talented "WING-MEN" (support members), RYO:SUKE has grown some impressive wings and flown into his very own world by creating and performing his own music. With visual kei being very cool, he wants the world to hear and enjoy his new style of music.

Since Halloween was being celebrated this evening, not only the fans dressed in costumes but RYO:SUKE and his WING-MEN were all dressed as characters from the anime/manga "Shingeki no Kyojin-Attack on Titan".The backstage of the venue was four floors and only a few small dressing rooms. There were several bands playing, inevitably there were photo shoots in progress, staff scurrying around, clothes, wigs, food, and people littering the small stairwells all preparing for their performances.

If you are unfamiliar with WING WORKS, RYO:SUKE's first debut solo album titled "STAR GAZER MEMORY" was released last January and came with some skepticism because some of the songs on the album seemed geared to more dance than hard rock. Seeing Wing Works 'LIVE' would wipe any doubt out of your mind, this is great rock and roll! Not only a strong stage presence by RYO:SUKE who was in total control vocally, his impressive support was very powerful.

Since the album release there have been two singles, VAD†MAN~sorry, this is "MACHINATION"~ and recently announced "fushichou -FENNIX-" which drops on Christmas day, December 25th, which is the next chapter of the story about VAD†MAN.

Please check out Wing Works and view the videos on the official homepage here and if you happen to be in Japan, check out the next show at Ikebukuro Cyber on December 13th, "WING WORKS PREMIUM ONEMAN LIVE 2013-WINGER P.A.R.T.Y~銀服限定GIG~," you won't be disappointed!

WING-MEN-live members were:

Guitar-Toshi(Purple Days)
Guitar-Kei Hirosue(MASQUERADE)


2.Teito Dakkai Koukyoushi


[ytid=_83OAeySKg0][yttitle]WING WORKS~RYO:SUKE [Exclusive] Interview JpopAsia.com[/yttitle][ytcontent]JpopAsia's Exclusive Interview with WING WORKS~RYO:SUKE at Shibuya O-West in Tokyo, Japan.[/ytcontent]
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