Jay Chou Successfully Performs for His Indonesian Fans

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Jay Chou Successfully Performs for His Indonesian Fans
After a long wait, Jay Chou, the Taiwanese multi-talented singer, finally held his first concert in Jakarta, Indonesia. Promoted and organized by PT. Nusantara Utama Technology, W Productions and Synergism Entertainment, Opus Jay 2013 World Tour Jakarta successfully for all of his fans in Indonesia with four dimension concept.

Jay opened his action stage with "Jing Tan Hao (Exclamation Mark)" by appearing from the futuristic spaceship. The energetic dancers, laser show, and cool lighting wowed his fans at the Mata Elang International Stadium, Jakarta that night. Jay sang some of his older songs, such as "Long Quan (Dragon Fist)", "Zui Hou De Zhan Yi (Last Battle)", and even songs from his films such as "Yi Lu Xiang Bei (All The Way North - from Initial D)" and "Bu Neng Shuo De Mi Mi (Secret Can't Be Told - from Secret)".

He even sang songs from his new album, Opus 12, including "Ming Ming Jiu", and "Gong Gong Bian Tou Tong". Jay also played his unique piano which he brings to his every concerts, and sang some of his older songs like "Dao Xiang (Fragrant Rice)", "Long Qian Fung (Tornado)", "An Jing (Silence)", and "Jian Dan Ai (Simple Love)". Along with his piano playing skills, the performer also impressed his fans by playing the guitar. His back-up could also be considered instruments, as they showed off their vocal skills by helping Jay perform Acapella versions of his songs.

The concert was also featured guest acts, and Liu Chen (aka Sylvia Stefanie), even sang "Qian Li Zhi Wai (Faraway)" with Jay .

During the concert, the singer also performed a medley of both his new and old songs, like "Dou Niu (Bullfight)", "Xing Qing (Starry Mood)", and "Wan Mei Zhu Yi (Perfectionism)", from his first album, Jay; "Shui Shou Pa Shui (Sailor Afraid of Water)", from the Exclamation Mark album; "Da Ben Zhong (Big Ben)"; "Niu Zai Hen Mang (Cowboy On The Run)", from the On The Run album; "Hui Dao Guo Qu (Go Back To The Past)", from his 3rd album, The Eight Dimension; "Qiao Ke Shu Shu (Uncle Joker)", from the New Era album. After a slew of slow song ("Qing Tian (Fine Day)", "Qi Li Xiang (Common Jasmin Orange)", and "Kai Bu Liao Kou (Can't Speak)"), Jay ended the concert with some upbeat songs like "Wu Ke Li Li (Ukulele)", and "Yang Guang Zhai Nan (Sunshine Boy)".But before that, Jay dedicated the song"Cai Hong (Rainbow)" to his fans who have supported him for 13 years.

The event was a hit, and saw attendance which was attended by all ages, from the elderly to young teenagers. The fans hope that the Jay will once again perform in Indonesia again in two years. Jay hopes for the same thing.
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