Teaser For Keiko Kitagawa & Ryo Nishikido's Starring Film "Dakishimetai" Revealed

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Teaser For Keiko Kitagawa & Ryo Nishikido's Starring Film
A 30-second trailer of Keiko Kitagawa and Ryo Nishikido's starring film "Dakishimetai" has been posted in the official website of its director Shiota Akihiko.

The movie was based on a true story about 'Tsukasa' (Kitagawa), who had a car accident that made her suffer partial paralysis and brain trauma. The event caused her to be in a wheel chair and bravely kept on living with a positive outlook. She then meets and falls in love with 'Masami' (Nishikido), a taxi driver. Together, they battle with life's challenges and strives their way to happiness.

"Dakishimetai" is scheduled to premiere in Japan on February 1, 2014.

Click here to watch the teaser.
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