Jay Chou Holds Press Conference for "Opus Jay World Tour 2013" in Jakarta

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Jay Chou Holds Press Conference for
Multitalented Taiwanese singer, Jay Chou, held a press conference prior to his concert in Indonesia for the first time ever. The concert itself, "Opus Jay World Tour 2013", will be held on Saturday, October 12, 2013 at Mata Elang International Stadium, Ancol, Jakarta.

It was said that the concert, promoted by W Productions, PT Nusantara Utama Technology and Synergism Entertainment, would be the most attractive concert ever. With the 4D-effect technology, Jay Chou and the promoter wished that the audience would feel like a part of Jay' s action on stage.

"I want to spoil my fans who have followed me since a long time ago, and I'm trying to rearrange my old songs so I can sing them again", Jay Chou said on the press conference which took place at The Media Hotel and Towers, Gunung Sahari, Jakarta.

Jay Chou planned to sing more than 30 songs. "The setlist in every country is not the same; there's always a difference because some audience would prefer love songs or strong beat ones", said the man who has ever visited Bali and Jakarta.

Not only that, the singer who has been in music industry for 13 years said that there would be a special guest on the show. He's going to sing a duet with the artist whose identity still remains a mystery.

"Opus Jay World Tour 2013" was hoped to be able to cure fans' longing for the man whose real name is Zhou Jielun.
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