Koki Tanaka Leaves KAT-TUN

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Koki Tanaka Leaves KAT-TUN
Shocking new for KAT-TUN fans. It was announced today through Johnny's official web-site that KAT-TUN's rapper Koki Tanaka retired from the group as of September 30th.

Johnny's Entertainment stated that Tanaka has repeatedly violated the terms of his contract with the agency, and so a decision was made to cut him from the group. Both parties came to this agreement. Koki is determined to continue working in the entertainment circle and will announce the details later on. He also left a message of apology for the band members, thanking for their friendship, saying that he couldn't get to where he is now without them.

KAT-TUN has previously lost it's lead singer Jin Akanishi in July 2010. He left the band to pursue a solo career, but remained under Johnny's Entertainment label. KAT-TUN is going to continue their activities as a band of four and are asking fans to support them until the end.
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