Additional Cast Members For TV Asahi's Autumn Drama SP "Olympic no Minoshirokin" Revealed

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Additional Cast Members For TV Asahi's Autumn Drama SP
It was announced before that Kenichi Matsuyama and Takenouchi Yutaka will star in TV Asahi's 2-part autumn drama SP "Olympic no Minoshirokin". Now, the additional cast members have been revealed.

Meisa Kuroki will be playing as 'Yumi Ochiai', the sister of Yutaka's character. Although her role is not originally included in the novel written by Hideo Okuda, 'Yumi' will be bringing a twist in the story.

Hayami Mokomichi will also be appearing in the SP as 'Tadashi', the son of the security-in-charge in the Olympics. His girlfriend, 'Midori' will be portrayed by Nana Eikura. Finishing up the list of the star-studded cast is Yuki Amami as 'Kasahara', Tadashi's boss who is a TV reporter.
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