Han Geng Discusses Reasons For Joining and Leaving Super Junior

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Han Geng Discusses Reasons For Joining and Leaving Super Junior
Former Super Junior member Han Geng was recently featured on the Chinese music program "Music Billboard". The singer conducted an in-depth interview with the program, discussing his time with Super Junior, his reasons for joining the group, and the reasons why he ultimately left.

One of the biggest motivators for Hang Geng to pursue the life of an idol was money. The singer and his family grew up poor, and becoming a star seemed like the quickest way to support himself and his family, giving them a comfortable life that they had never experienced.

Hang Geng's dreams of supporting his family quickly came crashing down due to restrictions from being a foreigner. "At the time, I was the first foreign artist. The laws in Korea were inadequate in this respect, so I couldn't make a living through performing or advertisements...I felt like all my hopes were dashed."

During his first year with the group, Han Geng had earned only 4,000 yuan ($653 USD) from performances. However, he was given 3,000,000 won ($2,794 USD) as a bonus, twice as much as the rest of his group mates. Everything he made was given to his family. Through the years, Han Geng continued to give his family most of his money to ease their burden.

When Super Junior expanded into the Chinese market and created its Chinese subunit Super Junior M, Han Geng expected to have more opportunities to be in ads, land roles and dramas, and overcome all the limitations he experienced in South Korea. Instead, his group mates were allowed to pursue these extracurricular activities despite their inability to speak Chinese, while he was denied many of the opportunities offered to him. Meanwhile, the singer felt like he had to do more work because he had to translate for the group.

Over time, Han Geng's treatment and inability to get ahead caused him to become dissatisfied with being part of Super Junior. "I took all of my bank accounts, hospital records, and more and went to a law office to prepare a lawsuit against the company secretly. So the company wouldn't suspect anything, I communicated with my manager via mail, secretly went to the law office when there were around two free hours after completing my schedule, and at the time, it was an unimaginable thing for me."

Despite the difficulties he face with Super Junior, Han Geng has gone on to launch a successful solo career in China. So far, he's released 2 hit albums and has been featured in numerous movies, proving that he ultimately made the best decision for himself.

You can check out the full interview with English subtitles below:

[ytid=RFKpoQlLm2Q][yttitle][EngSub]Han Geng's documentary "Youth: The Best of Times" another version(22 mins)[/yttitle][ytcontent]First Shown:[BTV];Video Source:[LETV];cr:@HanGengWhereaboutsTranslate:Caitlin;Timeline: Rabbit Lee;Proofread:Kitty.[/ytcontent]
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