Girugamesh's Satoshi Forms New Band "REDMAN" and Announces First Release

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Girugamesh's Satoshi Forms New Band
Yesterday Girugamesh's vocal Satoshi made a surprising announcement: He has formed a new band called "REDMAN"!

The band consists of five members:
Vocal: Ishikawa Satoshi (girugamesh)
Guitar: Sonoki Rihito (ex-SPLAY)
Guitar: Sugihara Ryou (towalens)
Bass: Yoshioka Souichirou (towalens)
Drums: Ookuma Keito (ex-Ruvie, My Hearts Breaking Even, THE HEROES SYNDICATE)

Their first live will be held at Nagoya ell FITS ALL on August 28th and they've already announced their first release! It will be a single titled "Challenge the GAME" that will drop on November 13th and comes in 2 types. The Limited Edition costs 1890 Yen and comes with a DVD featuring the PV for the lead track, the Regular Edition costs 1260 Yen and is CD-only. Moreover, it will be used as ending theme of an anime titled "yuu☆gi☆ou zexal".

Track list
01. Challenge the GAME
02. doppel
03. Challenge the GAME -instrumental-
04. doppel -instrumental-

Are you interested in the sound of "REDMAN"? Then check out their official website! You can find samples of their songs.

What do you think of their sound and the fact that Satoshi is in another band now? Do you know the other members?
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