Perfume: New Album “LEVEL3” & Video “1mm”

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Perfume: New Album “LEVEL3” & Video “1mm”
Electro-pop girl band Perfume have recently announced the release of a new album LEVEL3 on October 2nd. Limited Edition of the upcoming release will consist of CD and DVD with 3 videos. Video part will include the music video 1mm, the video Perfume no tada tada radio gasuki da kara RADIO!, and the live show Zutto suki dattanjyake-sasurai no men kata Perfume FES!!, where Perfume competed on three different “Zepp” venues with artists: Kazuyoshi Saito, Tamio Okuda and the band Maximum The Hormone!

The combination of the bands is merely incredible. It’s so Japanese to put on one stage such different genre bands and conduct the genre “battles” between the non-combination bands, like between the monsters of hard-core/metal-core scene Maximum the Hormone and electro-pop idol band Perfume. Nevertheless, it is the most curious thing about Japanese music culture.

Check out the teaser on 1mm!
[ytid=Qa68G3Fjc9s][yttitle][MV] Perfume「1mm」(short ver.)[/yttitle][ytcontent]Perfume New Album 「LEVEL3」2013.10.2 releasePerfume Official Sitehttp://www.perfume-web.jp/[/ytcontent]

Perfume - LEVEL3
01. Enter the Sphere
02. Spring of Life(Album-mix)
03. Magic of Love(Album-mix)
04. Clockwork
05. 1mm
06. Mirai Museum
07. Party Maker
08. Furikaeru to iru yo
09. Point
10. Daijyobanai
11. Handy Man
12. Sleeping Beauty
13. Spending all my time(Album-mix)
14. Dream Land

Limited Edition (CD+DVD)
- 1mm -Video Clip-
- Zutto suki dattanjyake-sasurai no men kata Perfume FES!! -video-
- Perfume no tada tada radio gasuki da kara RADIO! -video-
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