DOLLARS to Reveal Previews and Track List of First Mini-Album

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DOLLARS to Reveal Previews and Track List of First Mini-Album
In July Visual Kei band DOLLARS announced the release of their first mini-album titled "VENOM" that was actually scheduled to drop on September 4th. The band had to postpone it a bit and finalized the release date for September 25th. We already reported on the different types some time ago but now the track list and also previews are available!

Type A (3150 Yen)
02.tokyo junkie
03.yomei no hanabira
yomei no hanabira PV

Type B (2625 Yen)
02.tokyo junkie
03.rinjin to watashi
04.yomei no hanabira

PV Preview "yomei no hanabira"
[ytid=oQwuNLq6XGs][yttitle]DOLLARS 「余命ノ花火ラ」PVスポット[/yttitle][ytcontent]MINI ALBUM「VENOM」2013.09-25(wed) ON SALEhttp://dollars-official.net/[/ytcontent]

Preview "rinjin to watashi"
[ytid=9LnpvtUWF4Q][yttitle]DOLLARS 「倫人と私」 告知用short ver.[/yttitle][ytcontent]http://dollars-official.net/[/ytcontent]

And more song previews here:
[ytid=MfNVqEcLYQ0][yttitle]spot3 1[/yttitle][ytcontent][/ytcontent]

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