Solo Projects of NIGHTMARE Members Announce New Releases

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Solo Projects of NIGHTMARE Members Announce New Releases
Members of Visual Kei band NIGHTMARE have started solo projects and announced that they will release CDs in October!

Guitarist Hitsugi's solo project "GREMLINS" will release their debut CD "The Carnival" in two types: Type A includes 3 songs and comes with a DVD. This version costs 2100 Yen. Type B includes 4 songs and costs 1575 Yen.

Drummer RUKA's solo project "The LEGENDARY SIX NINE" will release their first mini album titled "BELIAL". Type A including 5 songs and a DVD costs 2625 Yen, Type B including 6 songs costs 2100 Yen.

Both CDs will hit the stores on October 16th and three days later these bands will perform at Shibuya AX! These are the artists that will participate in the projects that day:

Vocal and Guitar: Hits (NIGHTMARE as Hitsugi)
Drums: KNZ (ex-AYABIE)
support Guitar: Mizuki (Sadie)
support Bass: Chiyu (SuG, nana)

Vocal: Yusa (THE KIDDIE)
Guitar: Kei (baroque)
Guitar: Shinobu (ex-guys family)
Bass: Sugiya (Moi dix Mois)
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