[Exclusive] JpopAsia's Interview With Masakazu Morita

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[Exclusive] JpopAsia's Interview With Masakazu Morita
It would be a shame to call yourself a true anime fan if you don’t know who Masakazu Morita is! The infamous voice behind Tidus(Final Fantasy X), Kurosaki Ichigo(Bleach), Brooks Jr (Tiger & Bunny) and Tennouji Kotarou (Rewrite)made his appearance at SMASH! 2013 as a guest ,he provided a deeper insight of his career to the attendees.

Part of our SMASH! coverage granted us exclusive access to the legend himself where we had the opportunity to sit down with Masakazu-san and have a little conversation with him:

JPA: What inspired you to become a voice actor, what made you want to become one?

MM: At first I never thought of becoming a voice actor, before that I was just an actor, however while I was contributing to the motion capture for Final fantasy X, I noticed that there was also character voices involved on which I auditioned, therefore that’s how I got into Voice acting.

JPA: Which Anime, Manga or Game character do you think you resemble?

MM: The character that resembles me would be Tidus from Final Fantasy X, because when I was voicing Tidus I didn’t have to act, I could just be myself. Furthermore Tidus was a character who had the exact same personality as mine, thus I didn’t have to act and I could be who I am within the role.

JPA: It’s has been a long journey voice acting as Ichigo Kurosaki, how do you feel about Bleach the Anime coming to an end?

MM: I feel like Bleach hasn’t finished yet, at the moment on Weekly Shounen Jump they are illustrating the final arc for Bleach therefore I would like the anime to continue with the manga and keep acting as Kurosaki Ichigo until the very end.

JPA: Could this be a hint for Season 2?

MM: There hasn’t been much talk about it, however when the anime came to an end all the cast members wanted to continue the series, so hopefully it will happen.

JPA: - What is the most important element when it comes to voice acting? What do you do to help yourself get into the right mood for certain characters?

MM: I believe it’s very important that in order to play a character, you have to dive into the character. Furthermore you have to know that there is audiences, therefore you also have to put them into consideration and not just your own feelings but also the audiences as well.

JPA: In many years time would you see yourself voice acting or would you be aiming towards other goals?

MM:In the future I would still like to continue voice acting, until the time I pass away in addition not only as a voice actor but also an actor; I would love to be in front of the camera at the same time until as far as I can go.

Similar to my voice acting story, it’s not really that I am aiming to become an actor. I used to be in the orchestra, and I was at the front marching in the orchestra it wasn’t just the music, it also involved movement and art forms which took a lot of development into it therefore it was something very enjoyable for me.

My dream from high school was to create a new art form which can take everyone into account and this is what I am hoping to achieve.

In order to make this new type of style, I understand that first I must be able to express myself which was also one of my dream back in high school. Thus with the dream of being able to express myself I became an actor.

In the future if I could develop this new art concept that takes everything together I would be very happy.

JPA: Since we are running out of time will wrap it up with a fun questions!

JPA: Between Kurosaki Ichigo and Tidus who do you think would win a fight? Why?

MM: If the two fight man to man the chances are Tidus would lose, however if Tidus can get the Aeons together then he would win. Although Ichigo also has his hollow form it’s a dilemma, I would want them both to win.
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