NU'EST's Aron in the Hospital with Enteritis

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NU'EST's Aron in the Hospital with Enteritis
It appears that NU'EST's Aron is once again visiting the hospital, as he is ill with a case of acute enteritis.

It was reported that on July 20 KST, the singer began showing signs of nausea and a fever. He was taken to the emergency room where he is currently recovering.

According to Pledis Entertainment, "Aron, who is showing symptoms of nausea even after just drinking water, needs rest and stabilization. We will take action to make sure that Aron rests until he fully recovers."

The company also stated that the singer is unable to even drink water, as the action causes him to throw up. This is a common symptom of enteritis, which is caused by germs and bacteria settling in the small intestine. It causes swelling and inflammation in the intestines, as well as serious nausea, diarrhea, loss of appetite, and pains in the abdomen.
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