Meisa Kuroki Chosen For Kate Kanebo Cosmetics CM

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Meisa Kuroki Chosen For Kate Kanebo Cosmetics CM
With past endorsers Mika Nakashima and Kaela Kimura, Meisa Kuroki follows as the new one for KATE, a sub-product from the Japanese cosmetics brand, Kanebo and is popular among ladies who go for unusual and edgy make up, which goes well with its Gothic-inspired usual black or silver sleek packaging.

KATE's summer 2013 theme is Goldfish, where a 24k Gold is incorporated in their eye shadow range. Kuroki looks radiant in the new CM and fully represents the luxurious & urban look KATE brand is pulling off this season.

Check out some of the CM still shots and the 16-second CM itself below featuring the insert song "Liquid Fire" by Kaori Takeda and be amused with Meisa's captivating and unique beauty.



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