Ailee Twists Ankle During "Music Bank" Rehearsal

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Ailee Twists Ankle During
Ailee and the "Music Bank" stage are apparently a dangerous combination. The singer has hurt her ankle on the show for the 2nd week in a row.

During rehearsals for the latest episode of KBS' music program "Music Bank", Ailee twisted her ankle and fell down. Despite the injury, the singer pushed through the pain and performed for the show.

"Her ankle was swollen, but she couldn't go to the hospital because of the live broadcast. Thankfully, the accident wasn't serious," a representative for "Music Bank" said.

Last week, Ailee injured herself while on stage for "Music Bank" as well. The singer experienced some intense pain in her left ankle, but as she did this week, she performed on stage anyway.

Ailee's music label, YMC Entertainment, as stated that they are reconsidering the singer's promotional plans due to the frequency of her injuries.

"We're thinking about what's best for her and what course of action to take," the label said.
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