Lezard to Release 1st Single in August

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Lezard to Release 1st Single in August
Visual Kei band Lezard announced the release of their very first single!

The release is titled “love+MUSIC” and is scheduled to drop on August 14th. It will come in two types but one type is live-limited and it’s probably pretty hard to get your hands on it. The difference between those two versions is the second track. Both types include the lead track “love+MUSIC”. The live-limited edition titled “bangya-ban” comes with the second track “bangya crusher” and costs 1260 Yen, the regular edition titled “zetsubou-ban” comes with the track “zestubou 0 game” and costs 1000 Yen.

Lezard is a Visual Kei band that formed in January. Even though they are quite new they have already many fans. Only yesterday, on July 6th, they held their 2nd one man live at Ikebukuro EDGE. On September 28th they will hold their next one man live at the same venue and in December they will have their 4th one man show at Shibuya O-WEST!

This is the first time we’re talking about lezard, so let me introduce the members to you:
Vocal: lime (ex-Kro:nos)
Guitar: kousuke (ex-ZARA, DEUSE, gossip, Administrator)
Bass: TACC (ex-Pawn, gossip, Administrator)
Drums: Natsume (ex-De'alm)

Do you already know them? If not and you’re interested in their music check out their official youtube channel!
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