Acid Black Cherry to Provide Theme Song for New Drama "Akuryo Byoutou"

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Acid Black Cherry to Provide Theme Song for New Drama
Acid Black Cherry announced the release of a new single titled "Greed Greed Greed" in August. This single that is a part of Yasu's new project Shangri-La will be used as theme song for a brand new drama that starts next month!

"Greed Greed Greed" will drop on August 7th and comes in three different versions. The Limited and Regular Edition include 2 tracks: The first one is the lead track and the second one is titled "kagayakinagara... (Recreation Track)". If the title of the second track seems familiar to you it's probably because of the fact that the song is a cover. The original one is a popular song composed by Tokunaga Hideaki in 1987!
The Limited Edition comes with an extra DVD including the PV and off-shot for "Greed Greed Greed" and costs 1680 Yen and the Regular Edition is CD-only and costs 1050 Yen. The third version is a Special Price Edition for 394 Yen that includes only the lead track "Greed Greed Greed".

As we said, the lead track will be used as theme song for a new drama titled "Akuryo Byoutou" that starts on MBS TBS on July 18th. It will be aired every Thursday from 00.59am to 01.29am and has 10 episodes. The English translation for "Akuryo Byoutou" is "Demon Ward" what already gives you an idea of the drama's genre: horror. The setting is a hospital located in a suburb where mysterious things occur and the main character, a nurse, is trying to find out what's going on.

What do you think about Japanese Horror Dramas? And knowing that it will be the theme song for a horror drama, are you now interested how Yasu's upcoming song sounds like?
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