Jay Chou Gives Fans Unforgetable Show With 4D Concert

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Jay Chou Gives Fans Unforgetable Show With 4D Concert
Jay Chou has embarked on his world tour, holding special 4D concerts in Shanghai over the weekend. Excited fans flocked to see him perform and were dazzled by an unparalleled spectacle.

The singer pulled out all the stops for the weekend's concert, using the latest technology available to create lifelike, animated 3D affects that gave the impression of physical movement on stage. The elaborate stage allowed Chou to fly onto stage in an aircraft, landing it in the ruins of a city. Dancers popped onto the stage afterward, followed by the star himself, dressed in a red and gold armor-like costume.

Prior to the concert, it was rumored that Jay Chou had put on extra weight and wouldn't be displaying his body. However, as he went on stage, the singer unzipped his vest, exposing his toned, muscular body. Fans exploded into cheers at the sight, creating a high-energy environment for the concert.

"Thank you very much for coming to my first concert. I actually just started dress rehearsals 3 days ago, which has been like holding 3 concerts already, but I wanted to be able to share the joys of a great concert with you, so even though my rehearsals had no audience, it felt like you guys were there," he told the crowd.

During the concert, the singer performed more than 30 songs, including many of his past hits. The audience sang along with the singer, enjoying the ability to hear the old and the new.

When the main part of the concert was over, the singer held 2 encore performances before leaving the stage. Despite the lights turning on and announcements for concert to end, fans wouldn't accept that it was already over and shouted for 20 minutes to bring him back on stage.

Organizers for the concert felt enough pressure from the fans to bring the singer back on stage for a final encore performance. The singer had already changed into regular clothing and was using the restroom when he was summoned.

"I was just in the restroom when I got called back by you guys! No one wanted me to go, huh?," he said when he returned on stage.
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