Secret's Hyosung Attacked By Netizens For Use Of The Word "Democratize"

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Secret's Hyosung Attacked By Netizens For Use Of The Word
Netizens were in an uproar today after Secret member Hyosung used the word "democratization" in a way that offended them.

Secret was a guest on the radio program "Choi Hwa Jung' Power Time" as part of their promotional activities for their latest album "Letter from Secret". Hyosung innocently commented, "Secret is a team that respects each other's individual characteristics. We don't try to democratize the team."

While Hyosung's remark seemed uncontroversial, netizens have demonized the singer. Unknown to Hyosung, the word "democratize" has been adopted by netizens as a negative word used to describe the act of attacking a minority when their thoughts and opinions differ from the majority.

Although the word is mainly used on community forums in that way, netizens continue to chastise the idol for using the word. There is currently a movement to have the singer edited out of an upcoming episode of "Infinity Challenge" due to the misunderstanding.

TS Entertainment, Secret's agency, has defended Hyosung, explaining that she meant that the group lets individual strengths shine. The idol apologized for her ignorance of the word's new meaning, tweeting, "I am reflecting on my use of an inappropriate word without knowing its meaning. I'm sorry. I will be more careful so that this never happens again. I apologize to everyone once again."
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